Welcome Back to School!

Okay, this is the time that kids dread. School’s back… and it’s here to stay for another nine months. It’s the worst time of the year. And yet it’s something we kids have to deal with until we graduate.

If only someone could get rid of the person who invented public education. Anyways… since an new school year is starting… lets get a new School Year resolution going! Leave a comment saying a goal you would like to reach this semester! And I’ll make up a post asking if you guys made your goal! Then you can tell me if you did or not!

My goal is to get straight A’s this semester.

Mkay… I know that’s shooting pretty high for me. But it could happen! -….- It could!…. Nope…it probably couldn’t.

You guys pray I survive this year! 😀 Because I probably won’t! Haha!

God Bless!