Guide Right!!!!!!!

Okay… ever notice how I always start my blog posts with okay???? Well… I have… just now. Haha! I say Haha! a lot too….hmmm. Oh well. I’m chilling with Carley in ‘Free Reading’.

She’s trying to cool down I think from Marching Band Practice. This little kid… he kept yelling guide right. So I decided to be a complete bitch and yell it louder. Carley and I were in the zone today! WOOO!!!

I walked up to the little kid and I said,

“You’re name is Ryan, right?”


“Okay, you need to stop yelling-I know you’re trying to help but Carley and I got it covered so please, stop yelling guide right,” then I walked away.

I know I was a bitch but whatever. After we past my church I leaned close to Carley and said, “We’re all over this like Jelly on Peanut Butter,” Haha!

Oh well…. I always feel better after blogging on this. Okay… MOOD TIME!!!!!

Carley’s Mood: Mad at the little kid still… (: He deserves it!

Brenna’s Mood: I’m feeling better now.

Okay, I got to go. Bye! Peace out!