The Softball Score!

Okay, total bummer. Carley’s softball game… sucked.

Carley told me that the other team just kept running around and around and around the bases. Ugh! Canton is a fagmuffin! Baha! The score was 26-3…. we were the 3.



I hate Canton now… oh well. Now all we can do is learn what not to do next softball game.

Right now I’m chillin’ with Kristen and Tyler in Computers 2 class! It sucks and I hate the teacher. Okay… I really got to get my personal narritive done. So it’s MOOD TIME!

Brenna’s Mood: in a hurry!!!!!!!!! 😦

Tyler’s Mood: sleepy, painful, and frustrated with the stupid computer!

Kristen’s Mood: Aggrivated at a Video Game!

BTW! My bf and I have been dating for a full month! WooHoo! Let’s work on two months hun!