Homecoming Parade!

Hey! It’s Brenna and Layni! I love my little sister.  She is 2 cute!

So what’s been going on with me? Well nothing much. I finally got to talk to my boyfriend yesterday. 2 friggin’ text messages! Ugh! No we’re not in a fight… just… having communication issues.  See we live in two different states and as you can guess…. That just doesn’t help our relationship at all! (By the way… I apologize for any miss spellings. I lost my glasses this morning and I’ll try not to make any but if there are. You know why…) And when I texted him I accidently did it when he was at work so I just stopped because I didn’t want to get him in trouble.

Layni wants to type now. Okay… here goes nothing’.

Aje ieqrie siua rekaj;diai eq24511535413 E4a531wg5rr15gs54etaifiue

Haha! She’s giggling up a storm right now. J She’s so funneh! Umm… what else is there to talk abou-! OH YESH! I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT IT! IT WAS IN THE FRICKIN TITLE!

Sorry about that. Well, yesterday was my school’s homecoming! Wooo! I have no idea what the score was. But I bought a t-shirt and had a lot of signatures on the back. I tried to fill the whole back but people just wouldn’t sign the front so I made the front the back and now I have signatures on both sides! Smart thinking!

So the Middle School marching band and the High School marching band rocked the homecoming parade! WoooHooo! It was so fun… I gotcha’ed Carley twice. Then she punched me in the arm. L Carley has anger issues. But that’s one of the things I love about her! Haha!

Wow….this is gonna be the longest blog post I’ve ever done…. Word count of: 302. So far…

Oh and guess what… I’m about 200 pages into my story! I’m so happy about that. I told Carley I’d finish on this !!!!THREE!!!!! DAY WEEKEND or die trying.  I can’t wait to get this story done with….. but yet I really don’t want it to end because I don’t know what story idea to come up with next!

Well…. I feel like being very talkative today… I’ll probably post another post….well… BRB! God Bless!

Mother Nature