C.P. Support Group….

I Got my school pictures! Woot! And I hate em’! Wooo! Sorry, I’m never fond of any picture taken of me. 😦 Oh well… I have to go to the CP Support group meeting with my grandmother, mother, sister, Noelle… (Layni’s BFF) and Kalissa.

This’ll be fun! I love going there! And this is not sarcasm I promise! 🙂 Although you’d think it was. Haha! But its not! Oh goodness. I had a very interesting talk with Summer this morning. I got to go. Mood Time:

Brenna’s Mood: Greatly annoied by my mother whose bragging about not having any kids tomorrow for her class. Still… Greatly annoyed. Mom is pissing me off!!!!! Dx Ugh!

Marlayni’s Mood: Content… Looking out the van window. Gonna be happy when she sees Noelle.