Just in CA Class!

I love this picture. It so rocks your socks!

Hey! What’s up! I’m just in CA Class with my friend Kelsey! She rocks your socks. I’m supposed to be typing my Student-Led Conference letter… but I got that done and I’m reading and awesome book I just got at the book fair! 🙂 It’s the best!

It’s the Manga Maximum Ride Series. I’m reading the third one! Haha!

Okay, I need your guys’ help! I’m selling stuff for my Jr. High Marching Band. And I want you guys to please, please, please, buy something. This stuff is good for Christmas gifts and they’re really good jewelry and stuff. I’m going to set up the account and maybe get back to you guys with the link on say…. Monday? No Tuesday… I don’t know. I’ll post the link and then you guys can look around and see if you like anything.

This helps our Beginner Band, Jr. Music, Jr. Marching and Regular Band, and it helps out the Pep Band and the Conference band and the regular band for the high school.

Please, tell your friends about this and please, buy! This helps out our poor band to maybe buy a new bass drum! Which is around 1000 dollars(?) And we really need the money since we’re basically on our own for funding.

Alrighty, I’m gonna make like a banana and split. Haha! Wait, Mood TIme!

Kelsey’s Mood: happy! Excited. Really, Really, Really, excited.

Brenna’s Mood: Content and happy.