Explore Test

Hey! What’s up people! I have to take the explore test to day! 🙂 What is the Explore test you ask? And I ANSWER! The explore test is a Career Apptitude Test us Eighth Graders at Palmyra Middle School have to take in order for the Guidence Counselor to help us set up our high school schedule and it helps us find out what career we should do. Notice I said Should. 

I know what I want to be… I want to be an author. But I’m guessing that this test isn’t going to say Author. 😦 Well, it might…. but I doubt it. I’m going to laugh if it says something ridiculous like a  doctor.

Now, I’m not saying that being a doctor is ridiculous. I love doctors. But I’m not the kind of person you’d trust to be a doctor. I’d probably screw it up! 😛

Oh my… I love Halloween. I hope I get to go to the Monster Bash at the YMCA. It seems like fun. 😦 I hate that I’ve out grown Trick-Or-Treating. I mean I’ll miss it alot. But I think I’ll be okay.

Okay, I’m asking you all a question. And Please answer. What is your guys’ favorite holidays? And please explain why. But if you say Halloween I’ll be guessing it’s ’cause of the candy! 😀

I got to go! Wish me luck on the Explore Test! Peace!