Hey! What is up!

WOOP WOOP! Guess what. I love you all! Haha! That hasn’t been anything new but I thought I’d just tell you guys. I don’t really have anything new to share with you guys. This week has been pretty boring… besides that there is going to be a dance this Friday! I might get to go if I clean my closet, my room, and my bathroom.

Which isn’t hard… I’m just super lazy! Haha! I love this some! It’s called “My Heart Beats for you! I think it’s Metro Station…. IDK

Um… today is going to be Marlayni’s second day of school! She started yesterday! Woop Woop! I’m excited for her! Now she’ll understand why I hate it in a few years. I love her. She is awesome! I can’t decide if I should post pictures of both Marlayni and I on here. So let me know if you guys want me too! 😀

Umm… next week I might get pulled out of school to go to the Lake of the Ozarks down south from where I live. Their lakes are so freaking amazing. They are so goregous in the summer and in the fall! You guys need to come down and see them if you are recently gonna go on vacation. Or if you’re into shopping trips… the Ozarks are THE place to go since they have a huge shopping mall. Believe me… well… they probably have made it bigger since it’s been like two years or more since I was last there.

Anyways… I got to go… school (acedemic hell) beckons for me to return!