Most of these posts are coming from the computer’s from my school.

(Picture of myself) Brenna: I’m currently in 8th Grade and love music, hoodies, and my friends. I hate some of the people in my school… but hey! who doesn’t????

Relationship Status: Taken

I’m a Very friendly person, kind of weird. I’ll come up to anyone and say a friendly but annoying or a very weird, “Hello!” But usually I’ll have one of my friends by me b/c my heart is pounding out of my chest and I’m not breathing good. So they can call 9-1-1 if I faint! Haha!

Marlayni: I’m in pre-school. My big sissy Brenna is typing this for me since I don’t even know what the word “Computer Monitor” means. I love to smile and roll around on the floor. I’m going to start pre-school in November!

Well… that’s all for now. Brenna’s gonna write a new post.