This Page has some of my poems on it.

 I May Not Be

By: Brenna

I may not have the latest fashions

I may not be cool

But in the eyes of me and my friends I am cool

Popularity is great but no one really cares

You are always on the run

For the coolest things to buy

You are always judged by what you have besides of who your are

You are always being called names behind your back

But always remember true friends are closer than you think

 Blue Eyed Beauty

Little girl so small…

Can’t even stand tall…

Always on the ground

Not able to form word at

The age of 2.

Never to stand by herself,

Always in pain never to have relief.

Always with a smile,

Greets you with never ending kisses,

The clearest of blue eyes.

Always makes you laugh,

So much suffering in

A small amount of soul.

Shares love with

The world many to

 Not hear her name.

Long ways to go;

To see what she knows.

But look how far she has come.

Dedicated to my sister

Marlayni Brocksmith