In FACs Class 

Yodie Yodie Yodie YO!!!!!!!!! What is up crazy people!? I’m in such a great mood today! Don’t know why but I am! Okay, so the talent show auditions are this afternoon after school and boy am I nervous. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine although I’d rather be fantasic than fine. But anyways I need to fill you guys in on somethings.

First, you all know Savanna…she keeps commenting on my posts. I just want to say:


Second, Marlayni was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon because she was having multiple seizures and when we adminitered the medication to make her stop the seizing she may have still been in a seizure or maybe not. We are still not sure on that one. But she was having seizures again before we got to the hospital. But now she’s better and in at home.

Also…I want you all to know something….Andy Sixx is effin’ hot. I know its irrelevent…but I just wanted yall to know that. Also I want to hear about yalls weekend. Seriously, I want to know. SO please leave a comment. Love Yall!