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    In FACs Class 

    Yodie Yodie Yodie YO!!!!!!!!! What is up crazy people!? I’m in such a great mood today! Don’t know why but I am! Okay, so the talent show auditions are this afternoon after school and boy am I nervous. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine although I’d rather be fantasic than fine. But anyways I need to fill you guys in on somethings.

    First, you all know Savanna…she keeps commenting on my posts. I just want to say:


    Second, Marlayni was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon because she was having multiple seizures and when we adminitered the medication to make her stop the seizing she may have still been in a seizure or maybe not. We are still not sure on that one. But she was having seizures again before we got to the hospital. But now she’s better and in at home.

    Also…I want you all to know something….Andy Sixx is effin’ hot. I know its irrelevent…but I just wanted yall to know that. Also I want to hear about yalls weekend. Seriously, I want to know. SO please leave a comment. Love Yall!

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    Screamo Music 

    I know somme of you may think that screamo music is really supid….however, I have to disagree…I think it’s really awesome since I’ve been listening to it lately. Thanks to a kid in my Communications class named John he gave me a list of his top listened to songs on his iPod and I listened to them and they are really amazing.

    I can’t wait for May 22…it’s the day of the March of Dimes March for Babies campign. It’s basically a walk-a-thon. It’s totally fun and it’s for a really good cause. And it’s somethign I’ll hopefully get to do this year since I didn’t go last year. I have a lot of money I’ve raised for the March of Dimes the past few months and it’s something I really want to present at the Walk. But only will I get to do that when I get the chance to go. Hopefully I’ll get to go. But unfortently I got to go to a graduation at a college where some of my cousins will be graduating. So we’ll see.

    Also…I know you all know Carley…well…she and I are no longer friends. Long storyΒ  short I hate her and really could care less about her I’ve basically been kicked out of my group of friends. So I’m the Middle School loner. Lovely right? Oh well… at least I still have my Alexander… and I’m super happy that I still have him. Because if I didn’t have him I’d probably die from despair.

    MAP testing was the past two days straight. It’s something that the state has us do to test our smarticles. Which since my state is poor we get less testing than the average state. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Take that Missouri! Haha sorry. Gosh, I think I’m starting to babble. Well… the teacher’s coming and I think I’ll go. BYE!

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      thats sadi ges im now officially BFF#1 now. write more!! and ttyl g2g luv u.

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    I’m sorry for not posting for a while. I’ve been busy with the holidays. How was ur guys’ Christmas? What was ur fave gift? I’ll start! Mine was my Black Furry Boots!
    I love em’ cause I can slide in em’! I love them!Okay! Let’s try and get a record on comments! The record now is 41! Let’s go!

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    I Think… 

    I think… people don’t realize how something apply to their life. I mean… I don’t know if they apply some songs, or some stories’ themes can be applied to their life. I know a lot of my friends do. But I don’t know if you guys do.

    The song “Live Like You’re Dying” By: Kris Allen. Is very inspirational! I mean it says that even though you’re not sick today or you’re not depressed. Doesn’t mean you should be shacked up somewhere and not go out and live! You should do something you love doing! Go jump out of an airplane… (WITH A PARACHUTE!) Dance in public! Do something that makes you uncomfortable but still have fun.

    I have learned through my sister to not care about what people say about me! I mean why do so many people care about what other people think! Now…. I’m not saying it’s not good to have a little input once in a while. But find the few people in you’re life whose opinions matter to you and only listen to them! I mean really!

    There are always going to be people who are hell bent on making you upset. Or the people who are going to cut you up for a job interview… just pick yourself up, think positive, and say, “Today wasn’t a good day. But tomorrow will be better!”

    So don’t always think negitivly. Think positively. And sing in the rain! πŸ™‚ I hope this advice helps any of you out. I got to go. And remember! SING IN THE FREAKING RAIN!

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    I am now single. -sigh- I don’t miss him. I mean… I kind of do. But I always am friends with my ex’s. I mean all the people I date are great people. So I really don’t see why we should be so hatful to eachother. All my guy friends are people I’ve dated. So it’s fine. Because I’d miss them all unfortentaly if it were a bitter ending.

    I mean really we could all hate eachother and scream at eachother and be really hateful. But for some reason I see no reason in that. I mean it’s better to have them in my life as friends than not have them in my life at all. That’s just something I’ve learned. I love them still. But now they are all like my brothers now. πŸ™‚ I love em! Even though they annoy the hell out of me sometimes. But I’m happy they’re in my life still. Because what would I do without these crazy guys!

    Okay… I just want to say thanks to all these people that actually read this thing! We are at 45 views this month! WOOOHOOO! We broke last month’s ratings! Which was 38! And we sped past Augusts…. which was a mere *cough*3!*cough* Haha! I just wanted to thank you all! And say how awesome you all are! πŸ™‚ Mood Time!

    Brenna: Singing to the radio in Computers class

    Marlayni: Playing on the floor or eating breakfast

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    Get To Know Me! :D 


    Hey, My name is Brenna. You can call me Alex or Bre. I really don’t care. I love hoodies and music. I don’t really watch news but when I do I debate about it with my friends that are older than me. I love life and I’m surrounded with great friends.

    I love to write poetry and stories. I love my little sister, Marlayni! Haha! She says “Hi!” to you all! I’ll let you all know how she’s going since she has been dianoised with Cerebral Palsy. I love to talk with people who know me and I hope you all get to know me for who I am. So thanks for getting to know me and have fun with reading what the heck I post! πŸ™‚ Cya!

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